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I'm Jeremy Conrad, and this is Creative License, LLC, a video production company based in Richmond, Virginia.  I've been shooting video since I was 13. YouTube wasn't even a thing back then and you had to put cassette tapes in your camera.


I am an artist, but I'm not the flaky kind that forgets to show up to appointments or finishes a project two months after the deadline.  I actually finished art school.  I've worked in the corporate and non-profit world as a graphic designer and video production specialist.  So, I work well with people and started Creative License, LLC so I could continually make videos with new and different people.


I am inspired by cinema and the way moving pictures and music can move a viewer.  I shoot weddings with a documentary style, preferring to step back and watch things unfold, staging as little as possible.  I am constantly striving to make my videos more film-like, sentimental and a little dreamy.

I also work with small businesses and non-profits to help them communicate more effectively using video.  Every organization needs to train its employees and promote its brand, products or services.  Video is an excellent and cost effective way to do this. Everyone has a story to tell.  I'll help you take the vaguest of ideas and turn them into a fully realized and finished product that conveys your message.

If you want to discuss your dream wedding video, jump to my CONTACT page and fill out the form to get started.  If you work for a business or non-profit, call, text or email me anytime.


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